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twitter/facebook buttons not disappearing


  • Jim Buell started the conversation

    This was previously addressed in a reply to another user last April, in Public Ticket #1520154. I just noticed the behavior hasn't changed -- that is, the twitter and facebook icons still appear when creating an annotation, even when those options are disabled on Highlighter Pro's 'Functionality' screen in the WP dashboard. I've successfully applied the css workaround that Brian suggested there, as a theme customization, to set those icons' visibility to false. Is there a code update available by now, that would make that step unnecessary?



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    Brian replied

    I'm actually waiting to roll several features into one update instead of updating a one-off update with just this change, so unfortunately no, this hasn't been addressed in an update as of yet.

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    Brian replied

    We have just released a plugin which should fix this. Please update and let me know if you still notice any issues. Thanks.