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post to minisite post


  • Maximiliano started the conversation
    hi there... the website is in construction ... so i have a problem maybe someone can help me. So i have exported from my website A some post under Design category... now in my website B (flavor theme) i have created a minisite Desing and i want to import that article in that minisite .... solution? thanks! --max
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    Brian replied

    Sure no problem, just use this plugin to convert the post type of the articles into your design minisite: http://wordpress.org/plugins/convert-post-types/

  • Maximiliano replied

    Hi there thanks for your anwer ... but that plugin dont work ... :( i tried "Post Type Switcher" and work it... but now ... i minisite design i saw the articles .. but when i'm on the site then from home i click to the menu design ... nothing appear???


    why ... :(


  • Maximiliano replied

    sorry done! i forgott to select "the front page for minisite" ... :)


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