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Disable Author/Date - Social Media Icons


  • Emerald started the conversation
    Hello again! I have disabled the author/date in all of the checkbox options, but "by AUTHOR" keeps showing up at the top of all pages. Also have trouble getting the social media icons in the sizzler bar to show up. Thank you!
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    Brian replied

    Does the author display at the top of regular pages or are you referring to posts? Can I see a URL to where this is happening?

    For the sizzlin social icons, you need to create your social badges in the theme options >> social screen and then also make sure they're enabled in the theme options >> content carousel >> sizzlin slider >> disable social icons (uncheck that)

  • Emerald replied

    It's happening to both pages and posts. Here's an example of it happening on three different pages...




    The same thing happens at the top of a post, but I don't have a post available for you to look at.


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    Brian replied

    Try editing inc/page-content.php and adding this directly after line 40:

    $disable_author = true;


  • Emerald replied

    Great! I put that in for pages and single posts and it works perfectly. Thank you!