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Update from 1.8 to 1.10 messed up Theme dashboard


  • Karam started the conversation

    Hey Brian, Hope you're doing well. I made a backup of my Flavor files from 1.8, then downloaded a full version 1.10 of Flavor and installed via ftp onto the web server. My dashboard is still showing Flavor 1.8 instead of 1.10, and the backend dashboard doesn't show the tabbed theme options, but instead shows them below the tab area (See screenshots 1 and 2). Also, my social widget area is showing the Twitter, Facebook, and comment feeds on top of each other instead of being selectable via tabs (see screenshot 3). Please help, Brian.

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    Brian replied

    You either didn't update fully or you didn't clear your cache. Re-download the theme from ThemeForest and completely overwrite all of your theme files with a new copy. Then clear any plugin caches and clear your browser cache. If you have issues after that pleaset let me know. I've seen your exact issues before and every time it's due to one of the previously mentioned issues. Thanks!

  • Karam replied

    Got it, Brian. Thank you!