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  • Maximiliano started the conversation
    HI there, so in your theme i have createde different minisite about my magazine pages... for example Design, Fashion, Food ...ect ... But now how can import the post inside the minisite? I can export for an older theme only example design post and i want to put inside minisite desing ... it's possible? thanks. --max
  • Kinshuk replied

    You need the convert post tpye plugin. But it will not do the job since all the posts will be converted and since you want each post to be place in respectivie minisites there is another type converter plugin which allows you to convert the post on each individual post and it will take a lot of time if you have a lot of posts. And do back up before making those conversions. 

  • Maximiliano replied

    HI buddy ... from original site i can export every category so i think can be more simple. The plugin convert post type i can found it in the wordpress directory?

  • Kinshuk replied

    You can Add this plugin by searching it in your wordpress plugin search bar.