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horizontal images to vertical images for featured slider


  • Jasper started the conversation
    I use movieposters as images for my movie reviews. So I would like to have a featured slider that's narrow and high, so vertical images will fit perfect. I know I have to change css and some stuff in php files. But is it possible? or is it an enormous task to change it that way?
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    Brian replied

    It's possible but you have to be familiar with editing CSS/HTML/PHP in order to make the changes. One thing to note that probably won't be as obvious as the CSS changes would be to change the aspect ratio of the images used in the featured slider. You would need to change the dimensions in framework.php lines 194 - 196 (depending on which size featured slider your'e using) and then you need to install and run the AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild plugin (only need to run it once) in order to adjust your currently uploaded images.

  • Jasper replied

    So I have to edit at least

    • style.css
    • framework.php


    other files?


    Another question. Isn't it a good idea to make a page on your website were people can add there website and what theme they used. So people can look at them and come up with idea's for their own website's?

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    Brian replied

    I don't think so but I could be forgetting something. I wouldn't really know 100% for sure unless I were to go in and actually make the changes and dig into the code myself. There may be a spot in the javascript but maybe not, I'm not sure. I could help you locate it if indeed those two files aren't enough.

    Yes I think showcase threads are awesome but they're really heard to maintain because people often change themes and then there are outdated ones. I'm definitely planning on implementing this tough - I used to have showcase threads back before I had so many customers and themes to support.

  • Jasper replied

    Thanks for the support! Yes, would be nice to have showcase threads!

    I'm gonna look in to it, when I have questions I'll be back.

  • Jasper replied

    It looks like I need to edit bootstrap-responsive.css, I don't find anything in style.css that's about the size of the featured slider.

    I only find information about the width (span 1-12) but no where can I find what determinations the height of the slider box.


    The plugin.js/plugin.mis.js determinations the height of the slider. It uses a calculation with the width to get the height. No idea what to change here.

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    Brian replied

    You should look into the Bootstrap documentation. For instance each span can have a number dictating how wide it is (span1, span2. span3, etc.)

    I took a closer look and found some code you need to edit - it's what I was thinking of earlier but didn't remember quite where it was until I actually dug into the code. Look in inc/scripts.php beginning at line 15 for this code:

    # setup featured layout variables
    switch ($it_featured_layout) {
    	case 'small':
    	case 'medium':
    	case 'large':

    Check out the case statement depending on which size you're using and the width and height - make sure you edit that too.

  • Jasper replied

    Thanks! I found everything to change it!

  • Jasper replied

    I use now a span 5 for my slider. But now it shows only the title not the rating, award etc. (even when I use the same x and y coordinates from the title)

    How can I show them again? 

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    Brian replied

    Try changing line 74 of the inc/scripts.php file:


    Try reducing the 500 until your captions show back up again.

  • Jasper replied


    I did the following and that worked!



    194		if(!in_array('featured-small', $disabled)) add_image_size( 'featured-small', 380, 563, true );


    17			case 'small':
    18				$startheight=563;
    19				$startwidth=380;
    74		hideCaptionAtLimit:400,


    47      $left_span=5;
    48      $right_span=7;
    55      $category_x=-10;
    56      $category_y=15;
    57      $rating_x=-10;
    58      $rating_y=50;
    59      $award_x=260;
    60      $award_y=15;
    61      $title_x=-10;
    62      $title_y=500;