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Changing header (trending)


  • Micke started the conversation

    In the header there's the trending panel where different atricles are shown. Is it possible to remove that panel and have ads from google adsense shown there instead?

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    Brian replied

    The ability to do this is not within the theme options and would require custom edits to the code within the theme files, which is outside the scope of free support (please read our support policy for further information: http://industrialthemes.ticksy.com/faq/743). If you have a question about the location of certain code within the theme, I would be glad to point you in the right direction of which theme file(s) contain that code. If you need to hire a developer to help you with theme customizations please send an email to support@industrialthemes.com and we can discuss the requirements of the custom work and estimate cost of work.