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Images missing in post loop


  • Neil started the conversation
    Hi, All has been well with the site and theme but for some reason the images on the first page of my post loop have disappeared. It's fine if you go to any older pages, and works correctly if looking at the number of 'likes' or 'most commented' etc... Does anyone have any idea what could have gone wrong? It was working fine up until an hour ago. Cheers Neil
  • Neil replied

    Feel that I should add I have disabled all plugins and the problems still occurs. 




  • Neil replied

    I've also noticed that my Top 10 widget has stopped working for 'most views'. 

    You can see it in action (or not as the case may be!) here.....



    Not sure if it's connected but seems a bit of a coincidence. 

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    Brian replied

    I viewed your front page and the top 10 views are working. You don't have any featured images assigned for your posts - you have to assign featured images for your posts or the images won't display in the loop.

  • Neil replied

    Hi Brian, 

    We put featured images on all posts (as well as an image in the article body), and they have always shown. If you skip to page 2 or above on the post loop you'll see all images are showing. Similarly, if I create a test post right now, which in turn pushes the article currently into 16th place onto the second page of the loop, the image will start showing for the post that was in 16th position as it is now on the second page.

    Removing the test article (which moves the other post back onto the 1st page of the loop), means that the image disappears again. 

    Hope that makes sense?

    There are also no view counts on the front page, but there are on the 2nd, 3rd , 4th etc...

    As for the Top 10 slider, any posts that are currently on the front page of the post loop AND on the Top 10 slider show with no view count, whilst any older post that ISN'T on the 1st page but IS on the slider, shows with a count.

    For example the following article...


    is on the front page and one of my most viewed articles and so appears on the Top 10 slide (currently in 9th spot)r. It is currently showing no view count. 

    However, this post.....


    Which is on page 3 of the post loop and is also on the Top 10 slider (3rd place), is showing a view count. 

    As I previously mentioned, this only seems to happen when the 'Latest Articles' tab is chosen on the post loop. If you switch to any of the other three (Most liked, most viewed, most commented), all images and view counts seem to show. 





  • Neil replied

    I now have a feeling this is host related. I'm not enough in the know to say how all this stuff works but the images have suddenly come back on the first page and all subsequent pages (except for some seriously weird reason not on Page 2 of the post loop). 

    If you have any ideas, I'd welcome them but like I say, think it's a host thing.

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    Brian replied

    Hmm very strange. Actually before you chalk it up to hosting issues you should rule out these things in the following order: plugins, theme file corruptions/mods, and your WordPress core installation. Here's how - first:

    Completely disable all of your plugins, then re-download a new copy of the theme from ThemeForest and overwrite all of your current theme files on your server with a fresh copy and see if that fixes the issue. You won't lose any content or settings since those are stored in the database, but if you have made any changes directly to any of the theme code then you should make a backup of your current theme files so you don't lose your changes.

    If that doesn't work let me know and I'll give you nexts troubleshooting steps.

  • Neil replied

    Cheers Brian, I'll give that a go in the next couple of days. 

    Am I right in saying that view counts etc... will stay if I overwrite the theme?

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    Brian replied

    Yes everything will stay in your database, only the files will get replace which won't mess with any of your content or settings. It's always a good idea to make a site backup though just in case.

  • Neil replied

    Just to update on this and close the ticket....... I changed my hosting plan and as if by magic, the issues disappeared!