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Detail / Taxonomy Panel - Columns?


  • Aly started the conversation
    I'm sorry for the tons of tickets. I figure putting one in per question is better so people can find the questions later to reference them. Hope that's okay. Onto the question at hand! I have a gaming-oriented site and so the bottom part of a review post, which has the Details and Taxonomy information in it can get a little long. I'm wondering if there is a way to separate this information into two separate columns within this box. I'm not the best with PHP, so I wouldn't be very good about messing with the files without instruction. Any help with this, if possible, would be fantastic. I think it would help keep the page from getting too lengthy. Example: http://screencast.com/t/RjkfavZnydtZ Thanks! :)
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    Brian replied

    I see what you're saying but unfortunately as you have mentioned it's going to require custom theme modifications to accomplish. Not sure what the specific changes would need to be, but that location in the code is functions/reviews.php line 1010 which is the it_get_details function

  • Aly replied

    Gotcha, well, I appreciate the help! I know if I putz around in there, I'll just break something, so I'm going to let it be.

    Thanks for the help!