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Highlight visibility


  • Jon started the conversation

    I love your plugin! Is there a way to make the highlights visible only to the user who made them? I would love to use this as a personal tool for my students so they can mark the most relevant parts of my site for themselves and look back at their highlights later. The highlights don't need to be shared and my students would prefer it that way too. Happy to pay for support if required.

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    Brian replied

    Hmm, that is a great idea. So more of a personal highlight tool. The plugin doesn't do that out of the box unfortunately, but it's a good idea for a future possible plugin update in the future. Not sure when that would be though. If you wanted instead to hire us to perform this customization for you, that might be something we could discuss.

  •   Jon replied privately
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    Brian replied

    Sorry for the delay, if you want you can email me directly to expedite communication: brianmcculloh@gmail.com

    I rough estimate would be probably 6 hours of development and testing, but I can get into the code and give you a more accurate quote if you're still interested (custom dev work rate is $50 per hour).