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Plug in styling/behaviour


  • Rob Ashby started the conversation

    Enjoying the plug in, but have a couple of comments/requests, hope you can help:

    1. The default behaviour when you highlight a section is that the highlight/sharing options appear at the bottom of the screen. In the demo I saw, these links appear right next to the highlighted text. Is there an option to switch to this, or will I have to dig in to the CSS?

    2. If a user inadvertantly/accidentally highlights some text, there is no option to close the sharing/highlight links. A normal user would expect to click anywhere to close out those links, but that doesn't work - you have to hover over the links and then off to get that box to close.

    3. I have Disqus installed for my commenting system, which means that commenting does not work with this plug in. When I disable Disqus, it works. Presumably the comments have to be self-hosted in order for this functionality to work? Or, does this plug in only work with Out of the box WP comments?

    If so, it would be good to warn prospective buyers about this. Fortunately, I'm switching off Disqus onto a self-hosted solution.

    Otherwise, thanks!

  • Rob Ashby replied

    Any thoughts here? I was hoping for some support by now...

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    Brian replied

    Sorry for delayed response.

    1) Sounds like your theme is doing something here. As a quick test to make sure it is theme-related and not just WordPress or plugin related, can you try it with the default theme active? What happens then?

    2) You should just be able to click anywhere outside of the highlight and it will disappear. Check the demo to see this: http://www.industrialthemes.com/plugins/highlighter-pro/. Again I suspect this is something coming from your current theme.

    3) Yeah, the highlighting will still work fine, but if you want the in-line comments too, then you would need to use standard WordPress comments.

  • Rob Ashby replied

    Hi Brian

    Thanks for your response

    Regarding points 1 and 2, this doesn't work for me on the demo. The highlight widget appears right at the bottom of the window, and you can't exit it without having to click through into the comments (instead of just clicking outside the highlight). See video:


    I've tried with both firefox and chrome.

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    Brian replied

    So our demo doesn't even work for you? Then that definitely points to something on your end. Do you have any browser extensions or plugins active? What specific os and browser version combinations have you tried? Have you tried on a different computer yet?