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Edit Flow


  • Leslie started the conversation
    If anyone should ask or be curious, the Flavor theme integrates seamlessly with the Edit Flow plugin, a virtual news desk plugin for managing editorial workflow processes on multi-writer sites (very active dev team, current with WP.) I'm using POST and mini-sites (which exploits the custom post types feature in WP) for a staff of 11. No special code hack is required of functions php at all.
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    Brian replied

    I've used edit flow before (great plugin) but it never occured to me to test it with Flavor, so that's awesome news! I appreciate you confirming this, great to know when users ask in the future! And if I ever get to that compatible plugins list I want to compile...

  • Leslie replied

    I really like the plugin. The free version has limitations, but the dev team has already expressed to me willingness for paid customization i.e. claim button, modifiyig who receives notifications of status changes, and few tiddly wink items which greatly streamline function.  B'c those little changes are actually big deals for us admins/ writers.

    That's on my paid wish list for when we revamp our site onto Explicit or any other new theme you come up with between now and when we revamp.

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    Brian replied

    That's really cool to hear plugin devs willing to take on custom work. Actually makes my job easier as well