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Sticky bar stuck at top header location


  • Matthew started the conversation

    I am having issue's where the sticky bar with the sections menu is stuck at the top in the header with trending/logo area when signed into the wordpress site.  It appears normal when signed out

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    Brian replied

    Completely disable all of your plugins, then re-download a new copy of the theme from ThemeForest and overwrite all of your current theme files on your server with a fresh copy and see if that fixes the issue. You won't lose any content or settings since those are stored in the database, but if you have made any changes directly to any of the theme code then you should make a backup of your current theme files so you don't lose your changes.

  • Matthew replied

    Sorry to be coming back to this a month later, i did what you said.  It seems Jetpack plugin is breaking the theme.  Thoughts?

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    Brian replied

    Try to disable only various components of jetpack until you can narrow down which specific part is conflicting. Jetpack is made up of many parts and I suspect only one is causing the issue.