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  • Carollous Dachi started the conversation

    Halo Industrial Themes,
    Immediately at its core. I purchased an ENGINE template 2 weeks ago. At the installation stage succeed. But, when I try to pair the widget to the homepage. There are many problems, such as:
    1. The right sidebar does not appear, and looks like a bug. So the right sidebar is in the middle of the post loop.
    2. CPU Usage is too high. So the website is difficult to access.
    3. If post loop is displayed more than 1, post loop error.
    In essence, many problems that occur on the widgets, especially on the homepage.
    With great disappointment, I hope the Industrialthemes solve my problem as quickly as possible. Thank you,

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    Brian replied

    You have an issue with malformed syntax in one of your post excerpts, which is throwing off the rest of the layout. Go into your posts and manually assign an excerpt so the layout does not break.