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How did you makeyour example author listing?


  • Matthew started the conversation

    I'm trying to find in your docs on how you made the author listing the way you did.  I have the template set, but nothing is populating.

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    Brian replied

    Go to the author listing page builder in the theme options and make sure to select Page/Post Content as the page builder panel.

  • Matthew replied

    I tried that, and I still just have an empty author listing when selecting as a template.  Is there shortcodes I need to use to pull that list or do I need to manually add the users?

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    Brian replied

    You don't need to put anything in the content editor. Just make a new page and give it the author listing template. Then in the author listing page layout area of the theme options just assign the page/post content builder. That is all that needs to be done. You could try rebuilding your permalinks too. Go to Settings >> Permalinks and click Save.