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incompatible with Worpress 4.9.5


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    I'm working on your "Implicit" theme. I just extended the support for 6 months. I have the latest Wordpress version (4.9.5). Since I upgraded to the latest version, I'm faced with the following issues:


    Impossibility to like on an article, to note an article, to give an opinion on an article or to load more articles. More seriously, the number of pages viewed is no longer counted.

    Where would the problem come from and what solutions to bring?

    I am aware of the latest update of your "Implicit" theme as of August 03, 2016. Do you continue to wear the updates or products is it abandoned?

    Thank you, cordially, Frank

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    Brian replied

    Hello, please see here for the solution to the issues you are experiencing. After doing so, please let me know if you experience any further issues. Thanks!