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Post Loop page count


  • Neil started the conversation
    Hi again, I'm hoping this will be a simple request. Is it at all possible to have the page numbers which currently show beneath the post loop, show up above the recent articles? Either instead of having them below, or as well as. Could you please advise. Cheers Neil
  • Neil replied

    Oh and I don't know why I've chosen for this to be a private ticket. If you could change to a public one then I'm fine with that. 

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    Brian replied

    Sure, it's public now.

    Edit the inc/post-loop.php file and locate the pagination code beginning on line 483:

    <div class="pagination pagination-normal">
        <div class="row">
            <div class="span12 pagination-inner">
                <?php echo it_pagination($numpages, $format, it_get_setting('page_range')); ?>

    You would have to move that up above probably line 338. Might require some css tweaks too...

  • Neil replied

    Thanks. I'll give that a go.