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Taxonomy Review Meta Box


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    Brian replied

    Glad you like the theme!

    Add this to your custom CSS theme option:

    .details-box .details-title {display:none;}
    .details-box .detail-item {width:auto;margin-right:20px;display:inline-block;}

    That should get you most of the way there


  • Stephanie replied

    Yes, I already found that before posting the ticket, that's how the box is now having a green background and dark green thicker top and bottom borders.  That's not what I'm asking.  I want to put a TABLE in the box to organize what it says in a nicer format, so that the taxonomies are not each on a new line, but instead side by side in one line, and to put "Type of Tea" on the top and then the actual type (the taxonomy) underneath, using a table.  So the box is MUCH smaller and better organized.  Where in the code can I find where to alter the actual contents of the details box, not the css for it?

    To summerize, right now it looks like this:

    Type of Tea:  Black Tea
    Tea Company:  Tea House
    Buy From:  (link)

    I want to make it look like this via the use of a table:

    Type of Tea  |  Tea Company |  Buy From
    Black Tea    |  Tea House      |  (link)

    Thank you in advance for your help

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    Brian replied

    I see, you want to completely change the layout of the terms. Well that would require some custom theme modification beyond just a few simple CSS changes. I was giving you the code to float each term next to the previous one, but now I realize you want the label at the top and the value below it. So basically you'd need to actually change the way the markup is presented. Do so in the functions/reviews.php file in the it_get_details() function beginning on line 1010. The taxonomies are specifically on lines 1041 - 1053

  • Stephanie replied

    Thank you, that was exactly what I was needing to know - appreciate the help!

  • Evil replied

    Unrelated to the post but Stephanie Harkins how did you get 800+ likes in less than a month? geez!

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    Brian replied

    I just looked but I didn't see where you saw the 800+ likes (maybe you meant facebook as opposed to the actual theme built-in likes?) - was curious to know myself

  • Stephanie replied

    Because it used to be The Tea Review Blog the largest tea blog on the internet but I decided to start a new tea review site that was more updated, and asked all my prior community members to like our new tea review website.  We have been a website and community for over 4 years, this is just a new site, not a new community.