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Remove arrow down on "hover to rate"


  • Evil started the conversation
    Remove arrow down on "hover to rate" on user ratings. I'm asking this because i disabled users to rate without making a comment. Thanks.
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    Brian replied

    You want to remove just the arrow or the text too? Add this to your custom CSS theme option:

    .ratings .header .hovertorate {display:none;}


  • Evil replied

    sweet! thank you! I already removed the text but you can post it here the proper way on how to remove it, I just wanna make sure I didnt messed up. haha

  • Evil replied

    here's what i did to remove the text. Not sure if that's the proper way to do it.




    if(!$user_ratings_top_disable) $out.='<div class="hovertorate"><span class="icon-down-bold"></span><span class="hover-text">'.__('Hover To Rate',IT_TEXTDOMAIN).'</span></div>';


    if(!$user_ratings_top_disable) $out.='<div class="hovertorate"><span class="icon-down-bold"></span></div>';


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    Brian replied

    Yes that looks correct to me, thanks for posting for others' benefit!