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"WP Subtitles" plugin


  • Schola started the conversation
    Hi ! I installed the plugin “WP Subtitles” because I need to have a extra information right under the post title. The plugin admin say that I have to past on the loop but I can’t find the right place in the code. Would you have an idea ? Thank you very much ! Jerome
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    Brian replied

    I'm assuming this is for single posts, right? If so the location of the code would be inc/page-content.php right after line 353

  • Schola replied

    Hi Brian,

    GREAT ! It works perfectly...Thank you so much.
    I can see the Subtitle when I open a post. I would love to see it in the directory as well. I don't know if "Directory" is the right word in english (sorry for my poor english). I mean the place where people can see all the post of a category. I did a printscreen...

    THANK you for your fast help !

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    Brian replied

    That would be in the inc/post-loop.php file probably after line 340