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Make social icons link a target blank


  • Dion started the conversation
    hello, I was wondering. How can I make the social icons at the top link them to a new page. Now they open in the same page. Thanks. Regards Dion
  • Kinshuk replied

    Just add http:// before the url and it will open those pages in a new tab.

  • Dion replied

    Thanks for helping, but I already had http:// in front of the url.

    I think the fix has to be done in logo-bar.php file.  I have to put  target="blank" somewhere.

  • Dion replied

    Resolved: In the file logo-bar.php I added target="blank" on line 139


    echo '<a href="'.esc_url( $social_link ).'" target="blank" class="icon-'.$social_icon.' info" title="'.$social_hover.'"></a>';


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    Brian replied

    Yes, I was going to say you need to add target blank to the link - glad you figured it out and thanks for sharing your solution here!