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  • Dion started the conversation
    Hello, I've made some images for my slider, I only don't want to show them in the post loop and in the (top 10) widgets. In the theme options> post loop> limits posts I excluded the category 'feautered' who are related with the images in the slider. At the moment I don't see the posts (images) in the loop or on my category pages, how you name it. But I still see them in the widgets. For Example; the top 10 widget. Is there a way to get them out of there? I hope. Thanks! Regards, Dion
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    Brian replied

    I understand what you're asking, but unfortunately this is not possible unless you modify the code directly within the top ten widget, which is in the functions/widget-top-ten.php file

  • Dion replied

    Ok thanks!! I gonna try it