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Finding authors code


  • Dion started the conversation
    Hello, I like to make a new page template for authors where a profile will be displayed. Below there profile I like to show the author archive of the author. For doing this i need the code thats creating the author archive. I saw the theme doing it. For example: http://themes.industrialthemes.com/?theme=flavor from the author Drew Brees on your demo. I only can find it code in your theme to make this happen. I hope you can help. Thanks again!!
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    Brian replied

    That is actually standard WordPress functionality. It's an author archive page. It happens in the archive.php file. So if you want to display the author bio at the top you would need to modify that file and add in the author bio at the top if it's an author archive page. You'd need to use a conditional to check if it's an author archive, and you can see the conditionals being used currently to check for title near the top.

  • Dion replied

    Ok thanks. I gonna try if I can make this happen.

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    Brian replied

    You're welcome.