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WordPress 3.8.1 Problem.


  • Wayne started the conversation

    Hi there, i just thought i let you know, the theme may need updating, as i tried to update to WordPress 3.8.1 that was just released and it made a right mess of the site. i am not sure how to describe it, so i am not even going to try. but the front page was a mess and some of the widgets was not working right or had moved.

    So i thought i let you know and to see if anyone else had problems with WordPress 3.8.1 just incase it was me. :P

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    Brian replied

    I updated the demo to 3.8.1 and it's running perfectly: http://www.industrialthemes.com/flavor/

    Maybe there was some issue during your update?

  • Wayne replied

    KK it must be another problem then somewhere, as i just tried again and its still missed up.

    This is the main site: http://www.geekstech.co.uk

    but here is a test site, with the update on and as you will see, its messed up, lol: http://www.staging4.geekstech.co.uk

    Thanks for letting me know thought, as i now know its not the theme :D

  • Wayne replied


    For the first time ever, i had to disable all my plugins and then do the upgrade and then re-enable the plugins.

    I never had to do that before, o well, at lease its fixed and upgraded :D

  • S replied

    I updated my wordpress from 3.8 to 3.8.1 yesterday.  No Problems.

    Flavor 1.10

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    Brian replied

    Wow, that's good to know, thanks for sharing that information. I guess from now on I will instruct people to first disable all plugins before updating WordPress.