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Twitter/Facebook buttons not dissapearing


  • Peps started the conversation

    I have switched off Twitter and Facebook options but the Bird and Thumb buttons are still appearing when I highlight some text.

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    Brian replied

    Hello, sorry for the delay here. You're right, I was able to verify this on the demo site. I have added it to the list to fix for the next update. Do you need me to provide a quick hack to hide it from your site so you don't have to wait for the update?

  • Peps replied

    Yes, that would be great. The only button we want people to see is the comment button, so if you could send me some code to make the rest (highlight, tweet, facebook) disappear that would be amazing! Thanks Brian

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    Brian replied

    Here is some custom css that you can add via your theme editor. Let me know if it has any issues working correctly:

    .btn-popup.btn-twitter, .btn-popup.btn-facebook {display:none;}

    .highlighter-popup.shown {width:93px!important}