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overwriting highlights


  • Tomasz started the conversation

    When I’m going to demo page http://www.industrialthemes.com/plugins/highlighter-pro/ and there is a sentence: Nullam imperdiet elementum gravida. Mauris tristique ligula nec ante placerat, at eleifend enim semper.

    I want to highlight gravida. Mauris tristique as a private highlight. But before that other user highlight text Mauris tristique ligula then my highlight split into two highligths: gravida and Mauris tristique ligula.
    It’s fine when 2 or 3 users will highlight different texts but what will happen when 100 users will hightlight different texts?

  • Tomasz replied

    Is there anybody here?

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    Brian replied

    Sorry for the delay! There is no limit to the amount of times users can highlight different parts of the same text. It will continue to work as expected.

  • Tomasz replied

    What I done:

    1. I created new post with lorem ipsum.

    2. as USER1 I highlight "augue auctor in. Phasellus libero"

    3. as USER2 I tried to highlight  "libero mauris"

    But it highlight whole "augue auctor in. Phasellus libero" and "mauris" for user2
    Screen in attachment

    Attached files:  highlitgher.png

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    Brian replied

    Yeah I suppose that would confuse the renderer if it had incorrectly nested spans. I guess I should clarify that it allows multiple users to highlight the same text, but there are some limitations. It doesn’t destroy the user who’s already highlighted it’s text, but it’s not able to separate the second highlight out on it’s own, and rather it appends the extra text to it. It’s based on the popular “rangy” javascript highlighter tool which you can read more about here: https://github.com/timdown/rangy/wiki/Highlighter-Module