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Site Extremely Slow with Flavor Template


  • Egidio started the conversation
    Hello Community of Industrial Themes. A few days ago I begin to have a big problems with the Flavor template, which is consuming too many CPU resources. Despite being passed to a dedicated server, the site is very slow and the CPU is always at 100%. If I change Template, the situation returns to normal, but with the CPU Flavor explodes. I ask to Brian (and all users) if it is possible to understand the nature of the problem. My website is: www.bettingisland.it Thanks
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    Brian replied

    Do you have a high number of minisites? Also, in your response, please enter your purchase code so the system can verify your purchase and I can provide you with support. Thanks!

  • Egidio replied

    Hello Brian, thanks for your fast response.

    My website have 8 minisites, and unfortunately in the last week create me some problems, because it's too slow despite increasing server resources.

    I hope you can give me some advice and support to increase the performance of the template,



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    Brian replied

    That could be the issue - especially if your web server isn't very powerful, because each minisite adds a lot of options and CPU load. I also recommend using W3 Total Cache which will increase performance, and also optimizing your images using a plugin such as wp smush.it

  • Egidio replied

    Ok Brain, i would made some test, but in which way i can disable (completely) minisites?

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    Brian replied

    in theme options in the minisite setup screen you can disable them there.

  • Salih replied

    How did you fix your problem? Your website is really fast. Mine www.gamerclips.tv is performing very slow. Please share anything that was helpful!

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    Brian replied

    I definitely recommend limiting the number of minisites you are using and also running w3 Total Cache

  • A. replied

    @Brian: Could you optimize the code considering the suggestions given by Google page insights (for Salih Mujcic site: http://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=www.gamerclips.tv). Especially the loading of JavaScript files could be deferred until really necessary.

  • [deleted] replied

    Hi A.S,

    I used flavor as well in the past and the theme already has all best pratices for handling JS

    Most of the the warnings you see from Salih Mujcic's site regarding  this in google pagespeed come from external plugins.

    Hope this helps.


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    Brian replied

    Correct, it already loads javascript the correct way. I'm sure there are probably some small things you can do here and there to increase performance, but you should check out the theme's performance report in the documentation for specific information about the various vendor metric recommendations and our response to them in the context of the theme.

  • Mick replied

    Well Brian as you said there is some small things which can be done here and there but trust me they are almost insignificant to increase the load time of a complex website.

    At some point, the only way to go when you start having a lot of visitors and you want to use a powerfull theme with tons of functionnality and/or plugins is to get a better hosting.

    And when I say a better hosting I don't especially mean a more expensive one.

    Just try a 5/10$ nginx vps on digital ocean and compare it to a 40$ apache hosting on bluehost or else and you will see the difference :)


    EDIT: Also you might want to look for a CDN such as cloudfare which can do miracles with shared hosting

  • Salih replied

    Thanks guys but I'm on a VPS and I get the same issue when I turn all the plugins off as well.

    the theme uses 100% of CPU and causes delays, granted it's not the only thing as pointed out.

  • Mick replied

    I just tested it on pingdom tools and I got a 1,54 sec loading time.


    Which seems quite ok no ?


  • Salih replied

    Hi Mick, this is with caching turned on. Without caching the time to first byte is usually between 7 - 9 seconds. The issue I have found is the amount of mini sites and the load they cause on the server. Caching the site, due to it's dynamic nature, has a number of problems in terms of rating and how items are score. Also for logged in users the site is unusable as it is not cached.

    I have switched over to Explicit and I am not finding the same problems what so ever. With the upcoming feature additions and other enhancements it's pretty easy to adopt Explicit over Flavor IMO.