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Lightbox for featured images on single pages


  • Dion started the conversation
    Hey there.. I like to have lightbox for the featured image on the single pages. I can install a plugin to make this happen (I think), but I can't click/link the featured image. Is there a solution for it. I searched for tickets, it looks like there is one. Only no solution for where i'm looking for. I hope you know one. Thanks in advance
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    Brian replied

    The plugin that you're using, how does it target the images for the lightbox - does it use a class or rel target or something? As long as we can see how it's targeting images I can show you where to go into the theme code and modify the featured image to work with the plugin

  • Dion replied

    where can i check this?

    I'm using the plugin simple lightbox http://archetyped.com/tools/simple-lightbox/ Maybe You are familiar with this plugin

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    Brian replied

    I'm not sure, you'd need to check out the plugin documentation and/or contact the plugin dev support...