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Customisation services


  • Michael Sier started the conversation

    I'd like to have only the user who is viewing the review be able to give it a rating. So that users can only see their own rating, rather than have an average rating.

    Then, I want to have each user be able to compare reviews based on their own rating. Eg. See their "saved" or "rated" reviews in a list to compare.

    Eg. I am a new user. I register an account on my the site, and then and do my own rating on 3 different items. I then want to see in my profile page what I have rated. I'd like to see each of the 3 ratings i've done in a vertical list with each of the criteria side by side so I can compare my rating of each.

    Is there a developer who can do this customisation for me?

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    Brian replied

    I believe I have responded to a similar question from you regarding this. Please let me know if you did not get that one.