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Can't remove sidebar


  • Lucas started the conversation


    I'm making a new gallery on sunkenrock.com and wanted to remove the sidebar to have a fullwidth page.

    I tried to change the Layout in both the Layout Options of the page and in Page Layouts in Theme Options. Nothing worked, I can't remove the sidebar even if I put the no sidebar option in the general Page Layout from Theme Options.

    I tried removing the cache, trying another browser and such but nothing worked. Did I forget to do something or is it somewhere else that needs to be changed?


    ps: the related url is http://sunkenrock.com/gallery and not /galleries

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    Brian replied

    Make sure in theme options >> general settings you don't have Force Global Layout selected, that will cause it to overwrite your settings directly on the page layout options. If you confirm this and it's still not working, please give me login info in a private response so I can take a look, thanks.

  • Lucas replied

    <p>yes, I just saw that right before receiving your answer</p><p>thanks for answering so fast.</p>