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i need video tutorial


  • Pavel Schmieder started the conversation

    hello/ good day. I need videotutorial here http://www.industrialthemes.com/explicit/support/screencasts/

  • Pavel Schmieder replied

    I need the category to have my own look. I want every category to show news in its category only. When I create a category such as Gamer and then create a Gamer page to set my own look, it does not work. The video tutorial you already show on the server does not exist ...

    another example
    The FIFA category will have the appearance of football and will show only news with FIFA on the page. The Pro Evolution Soccer category will also have a page where only PES and FIFA will be displayed. I do not know how to do it. Years ago, when the template version was explicit in 1.0, everything worked out. Now nothing works for the new version

    my video is here (open)

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    Brian replied

    You have to do into the theme options panel and setup each of your categories in the manage categories tab. That is the first step. Have you done that yet?

    Unfortunately the screencasts no longer exist since the screenr.com service shut down.