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Home page probleme


  • Benjamin started the conversation

    Hello, i have some problems with techwise theme.

    First i don't how to change my home page title. My home page display last news.

    Usually i can change the title of the tab of a classic page with yoast SEO but as the homepage directly displays the last articles, i'm lost.

    Then i have a problem displaying my 9th homepage article. Similarly, as you can see on the attachment, my side bar appaears on the articles. While in the settings of the loop, i select to display the side bar to the right of the content.

    ps: i dont know anything about code...

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    Brian replied

    You can hide the latest news component in the theme options, otherwise it will display latest news at the top. Is that what you mean? Not sure I understand your question fully.

    For the layout issue, it looks like you have a post excerpt with malformed code. It looks like you have html within the excerpt that is throwing this off. Go into the post where the issue occurs and manually put in an excerpt into the excerpt field. This will fix the issue.