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Mobile issue


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    Matt Ortiz started the conversation

    I get this issue on your demo as well.. so ill leave that link.

    The "Explicit Content" section. It doesn't seem to work well for mobile... well thats not fair, i hear it does work on android, but I cant validate that

    I know for sure on the iPhone: safari mobile or chrome mobile, Mac/PC chrome inspector in the mobile view it wont register any clicks. I can scroll left-right - which is great, but I cant seem to get any tapped images to take the user where they'd like to go!

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    Brian replied

    Yeah that's actually a known issue with the javascript that powers that slider. Unfortunately it doesn't work perfectly on all mobile devices, but it does work on some. This isn't something we've been able to address yet. If you'd like, I can help you hide just this section only for mobile. Let me know.