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Customization - MORE links and review type mini-sites


  • Josh Way started the conversation


    I am in the process of setting up a new review site and have come a long way in configuring and customizing the Made Magazine theme. I really love it. I'm just having some trouble with links and "front pages" or "mini-sites" as they seem to be called in the documentation.

    As you can see on my homepage, I have figured out how to create and display the review types I want, and single review pages are in good shape. But I cannot figure out how to link to front pages for review types, or how to get the "MORE" links on the tabbed review sidebar widget (for example) to link somewhere other than my homepage. 

    I think I am missing something about the review front pages - do I need to create them? And how do I do that? Thanks for your assistance.

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    Brian replied

    When you created your review front page, did you make sure to choose Reviews from the page template drop down? Also did you make sure to add a custom field to the page called Review Type with the value equal to the name of the review type? Both of those steps are necessary to link your review front page to your actual review type.

  • Josh Way replied

    The custom field is what I was missing. Thank you.