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    Hi all. I am setting up my Flavor Theme website which I acquired 3 weeks ago but I just seem to be going round and round in circles. I have read and watched the screencasts numerous times and just don't know where I am going wrong. In the screencasts it says setup minisite, make a page, then an article. However, when I setup another page for a sub-category in the same minisite and write an article, it seems that each page is populated with the same articles. I want to write an article on A) and an article on B) and so on, yet have each article to populate to the different sub-categories; A) and B) respectively. Somehow I just keep going round in circles, deleting, adding, deleting and so on. When I think I have found the answer I find I am back to square one. Help needed here, getting quite frustrated at my lack of understanding. Further, in the demo version of Flavor and in the main menu, when I hover over say 'Gadgets' I get a dropdown which shows me as a 'Type' I know how to do that with pages (menu) but how to do/create that 'Type' as in the demo? Thanks very much in advance
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    Brian replied

    You only need to create one page for your minisite which will be used as the front page for the minisite. Then you write as many articles within it that you want - you don't need to make any more pages. And to get a drop down in the menu like the demo you need to go to appearance >> menus and then put the taxonomy items into the menu as indented sub items and they will drop down when you view your site.