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Can the review criteria be moved?


  • Neil started the conversation
    Hi. I'm just looking into minisites and the review articles. I've had a play and am quite happy with how things look (it's not live yet), but would prefer the review criteria (stars, positives/negatives, bottom line) to be moved to the bottom of the review. Is this possible? And if so, how do I achieve it? I had a look for a tick box or something but couldn't see one. Cheers Neil
  • Kinshuk replied

    Some code shifts would do that. However Brian is the man who can guide you properly. By the way I try to open your site and it loaded very slowly. Do you use any sort of cache plugins?

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    Brian replied

    Look in inc/page-content.php and locate line 389:

    <?php echo it_get_criteria(get_the_ID()); ?>

    You'd need to move that down below the content, so possibly right above 417 where the details come in...

  • Neil replied

    Thanks Brian, yes that does indeed work.