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Multiple questions and an error


  • David Eastwick started the conversation

    Been configuring my site all day (broke it twice lol) and have some questions:

    1) The Section menu, how do you add review scores to the images inside those menus?

    2) In advertising (theme options) header and footer have no way to input the adsense code, is this controlled elsewhere? if so where? **EDIT this has been fixed, turns out my adblocker was blocking those fields** 

    3) on the main page I have an error at the bottom "Warning: file_get_contents(): Filename cannot be empty in /home/thedave1/public_html/wp-content/themes/explicit/functions/core.php on line 740" This appears to be on the "connect" part and appears again in social count widget in my footer. did I break something? or is this a bug with the theme?

    4) The trending counts all say 1 however i know there has been more views to some pages than that, how do I fix it (minor issue)


    I love the theme but it is not very user friendly, 

    Home page: make it clearer that the pagebuilder in theme options is infact the homepage builder, this took me hours to discover.

    Menus: for some reason I could not get the menus to display for the longest time, I even reset my site to default and imported the demo, no luck, then after fiddling about the menu magically appeared....no idea what i did but there may be an issue there

    I do not regret getting the theme (though I wish the price had been displayed with VAT, fault of the marketplace not you guys) and hope the feedback helps, really need a solution to 1) thats the most important one as need to display scores at a quick glance in those menus. 2) and 3) are important but not urgent and 4) is a minor issue

  • David Eastwick replied

    Also I am having an issue with my sites ssl seems to be theme related:

    (this one is rather a higher issue, all the links the them uses that are http and listed in the link, except the advert one which i have fixed work with https but i cant find where to change them) 

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    Brian replied

    Thanks for your valuable feedback! Definitely will reference it down the road.

    For the ssl issue, shouldn't be theme related, but regardless of where it's coming from, I always recommend installing the SSL Insecure Content Fixer plugin which will fix this issue for you.

    For adding the review scores, have you actually given any of your posts/reviews an editor rating yet? That is what displays on the thumbnails. 

    Unfortunately the social counts vendors have changed and some ended service the way the theme uses them. See here for more info and an alternative: https://industrialthemes.ticksy.com/article/4313/

    For the trending counts issue - do you have a caching plugin active by chance?

  • David Eastwick replied

    Will look into the ssl plugin, the link I provided shows what links are causing the issue and they seem to be ones the theme is adding, I could be wrong though. If the plugin fixes it then will be happy either way (will edit when i get a chance to test)

    I have several reviews with scores, on the hero slider the score appears next to them, on the main page the scores appear over the image, its just in the section menu seems to be devoid of the scores? limitation of the menu or something i need to set up?

    I believe the site does use a caching method.... the trending posts do now seem to be changing but not in relation to what wordpress stats say, this really is a minor issue though, worse case ill remove trending

    will change the social widget to the one recommended

    thank you for the response, and sorry for the little nudge on the other site, that ssl thing is pretty high importance

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    Brian replied

    Aha yes I see now - I missed that. I just took a look again at the mega menu within Explicit and it looks like the reviews do not display there, and there is actually not a way to get the ratings there using the theme options. See our live demo for example: http://www.industrialthemes.com/explicit/

    It would require custom theme mods to get the ratings to display there.

    I checked your screenshot and indeed 2 of the 3 links come from Explicit. One is just from the sample ad code which you can remove. It's entered directly into the theme options. The other is from google fonts. I can point out where specifically in the theme code to make a change so it loads https. However, the SSL plugin I mentioned should fix all three though without you having to make any edits.

  • David Eastwick replied

    Shame about the menu but understandable. Still relatively new to wordpress, are custom theme mods that do that available?

    installed and enabled the plugin sadly the no padlock. even set the plugin to capture all. Sadly out of time to work on it tonight now, but if you can tell me where to make the change I will fix it later. Are you sure the feedburner one is not from the theme too? it seems to be related to mailing lists and I have no plugins to do that but I noticed the theme adds the option? 

  • David Eastwick replied

    AHA! got it!

    Removed the connect section from the home page and I have the padlock back (may be worth rechecking that code and adding an S to the http next update :) but for me the issue is now solved 

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    Brian replied

    Glad you got the padlock! Feels good to have that

    Adding in the ratings to the mega menu actually wouldn't be that difficult of a task, but yes it would fall under the realm of custom theme modifications, which I am available for hire to do if needed.