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Minisite Get Shortcode


  • Stephen started the conversation
    I really like Wordpress's ability to create a shortcode for posts - however with this theme and the minisites, the Get Shortcode function disappears (but only in the minisite) is there a fix for this? BTW: relaunched my site today with the theme, and everyone loves it so far.
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    Brian replied

    Is this a plugin or standard WordPress functionality? Can you explain a little more about how the get shortcode functionality works? Do you have a specific code snippet or more info on exactly what you're doing? I'm sure the issue is that Custom Post Types need to be included, but I don't know the scope of how you're creating your shortcodes...

  • Stephen replied

    I believe the Shortlink option is standard in Wordpress. I've attached two images, the first is a standard post page that has the Get Shortlink option available.  That works as it should. However in a Minisite, that option is gone (see second image).


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    Brian replied

    The minisites are custom post types. Check this article for further info on adding it, I'll add it to my list of things to look into for an update: http://code.tutsplus.com/articles/quick-tip-add-shortlinks-to-custom-post-types--wp-31892