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Shortcode Column Layout not Aligning & Tab Issue


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    The Tabs do not allow words that are spaced apart; e.g.: Cast & Crew ONLY appears as: Cast on the tabs. The tabs also add quotations to the tab title; e.g.: [tab title="Details"] displays as: "Details". You can delete the quotes ([tab title=Details]) and it will change to: Details. Would be nice if these bugs where fixed.

    Column Layout

    I'm currently using two columns, but the columns are not aligning evenly (see photo or visit link & click the "Characters-n-Cast" tab. I have found nothing in the editor that would break the alignment. However, when you view the page and right-click, inspect element you can see two <br> tags & a <div class="clearboth"></div>. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the theme or Wordpress it self adding in this code.

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    Brian replied

    Go into the text view instead of the visual view when editing that page and remove out any tags at the top of the second column. Also, make the second column start right after the first column without any line breaks in the editor. Please let me know if that fixes it.