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Menu System


  • Keven started the conversation

    Is it possible to add a home icon ( http://www.pvhc.net/Home-Icon20ylyvbwib/ )to the menu bar (to link back home so you don’t have to click the logo) between the “New” and first Section link (e.g. 16 New (ajax) Gaming (link)?

    Quite odd you didn’t think to add this unless you have and I’m just not finding it in the theme options.

  • Keven replied

    Alright I added the following after line 185 of sticky.php (found in /wp-content/themes/explicit/inc):

    <div class='section-menu-compact'>
    <a title= "Home" id="sticky-menu-selector" href="<?php echo home_url(); ?>"><img src="/wp-content/themes/explicit/images/home-2-32x32.png" alt="Home"></a></div>

    See image for final out come.

    Attached files:  Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 3.17.39 PM.png

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    Brian replied

    Believe it or not I didn't add this option, so you'd have to do something custom like what you just did. The other option is to add a menu item to the menu, but you wouldn't be able to get it to be an icon - it would just be text. The logo should also link home automatically.