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Import is not equal to demo.


  • Jhon Jorge started the conversation

    Import is not equal to demo, I did what I could but I can not configure it as it is in the demo.

    1. Icons of categories are not shown, (As I must change it by others)
    2. Miniatures of last entries are not displayed.
    3. TOP 10, does not show results, even if you use another filter it shows the same message.
    4. The content or body of the articles is not centered as in the demotion.

    Help me please.

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    Attached files:  THEXLOG.png

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    Brian replied

    Are you sure you also installed the theme settings in addition to importing the xml content? And did you do it in the same order as the documentation?

  • Jhon Jorge replied

    Yes, but this one gave me media error when importing it, it continued as it is in the documentation.

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    Brian replied

    A lot of the images aren't included in the import for copyright reasons, hence the media import errors.