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Big bug in RTL Version 4 . RLY Big Bug


  • the.12.th started the conversation

    what is this?
    I hope, it does not have the truth.
    I was adding to the categories,
    So, the number of template settings was added.
    Bigger and bigger.
    until, The number of template settings reached to 1127.
    From this number, the other settings were not saved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For example: the new category will not be saved!Or another award will not be saved.
    When I click on the Save button,The Corner circle starts to rotate.But it never stop, and new settings are not saved!!
    To save the settings I must Make the number of settings less than 1127 items!!!!!!!!!!
    I thought the problem was from my host server's settings, So I tested all these number settings (1127 items)  on the local host.
    There was a problem in the local host too. 
    please check it...
    I really worry about this problem!
    I suggest that you create this volume of settings yourself and check the result.
    In the set of settings, more than 1127 bug will appear.

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    Brian replied

    Don't worry, this is not a RTL issue, and it's easily fixable. See here for solution: https://industrialthemes.ticksy.com/article/2921/

  • the.12.th replied

    Thank you for your helpful answer...
    My host is a shared type, Should I purchase a separate and dedicated host?

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    Brian replied

    It really just depends on your specific needs. If you have a lot of content on your site and a lot of visitors, then it would probably be a good idea.