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Resize Trending Slider Images


  • Cathy started the conversation

    To resize the Trending Slider's Images, what functions file would I use? Or is it someplace else? Basically, I want all the images to be larger with more length and less width (about 140 x 200), with the movie name and rating below the image. I want the images closer together as well (which might just entail css, let me know).  Thank you.

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    Brian replied

    It would probably require both CSS and PHP changes. You can see the code that powers the trending slider in the inc/trending.php file, but basically all the files call the loop function which is in the functions/loop.php file and on line 91 of that file you can see it calls the widget-post thumbnail size. So you'd have to call a different size or change that size. The image sizes are all in the framework.php file beginning at line 191. You can see widget-post is 65 x 65

  • Cathy replied

    Thanks. I was able to make the changes and was able to change the number of items to 5 instead of 4 in each slide. Thanks a lot. I'm going with Flavor. The site is still under construction.