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Sections menu problem


  • Jan started the conversation

    Good day,

    I have bought and installed your theme even with the demo informations. The problem is that my sections menu is not working as it should be. It seems that the page thinks its nonstop on mobile resolution - atleast thats what I think (section menu shows as on mobile even on normal pc). Can you help?

    PS: My buddypress section is somewhat broken too? http://www.adultgamers.cz/members/whiterabbid/

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    Brian replied

    It's because you have so many items in the section menu. You need to remove some of them so it fits and does not auto-collapse. For instance, don't manually put any sub category or sub menu items in it, because the mega menu will handle that automatically.

    As for BuddyPress, the theme is compatible with an older version of BP so make sure you're using the latest version officially supported on the item description page at ThemeForest.

  • Jan replied

    Brian thank you for the info thats perfect, just one more question. What is the latest supported version of BP? I found from 1.9+ but its hard to tell :)

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    Brian replied

    Looks like it's compatible with up to 2.0.x