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bug in RTL version 3


  • the.12.th started the conversation

    thank you for your attention.
     i found a bug again, in rtl version, does not work the animation of topics widget !!? why?
     i tested in all browser.

     and i have a propose for techwise developer team.
     please within the new update, add property filters posts, that can filter any post by categories (and / or / either) tag and any other features that is useful in user experience.
    unfortunately, lack of this feature is felt strongly if we have  large number posts in website.

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    Brian replied

    I think this one is because you don't yet have enough posts to fill that area and warrant sliding. Please add more posts and let me know. Also, I will add your helpful suggestions for theme feature improvements to our update wishlist, thanks.

  • the.12.th replied

    Thank you for your answer
    Well, I added 36 posts to the hero slider
    But the problem was not resolved.

    Sorry, but I found some new bugs in the template.
    1) If I use the background image on each page or post, background content of the widgets will be transparent! for example in category tiles ??? Why?

    2) Animation of theTopics Widget does not work!!! In the rtl version!

    3)I dont know this issue is a bug or not
    In the award and badge section, if I use a name or slug, by one of the Persian or Arabic languages, or some awards and badges will not be displayed, either image of the first award or Badge will be replaced on other awards and Badge!!!
    is it problem in UTF-8 characters??
    If i use English language characters, everything works fine.

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    Brian replied

    Can I get more information about the widget background color issue? Where specifically is that happening? Can I see a test URL?

  • the.12.th replied


    its test URL: test.allgame.pro 

    User: test

    Pass: 1234567890

    Attached files:  Screenshot (1).png
      Screenshot (2).png
      Screenshot (4).png
      Screenshot (3).png

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    Brian replied

    Thanks. Try adding this to your custom css theme option:

    .widgets-wrapper {background:white}

  • the.12.th replied

    Thank you

    But there is still a problem with the  Screenshot (1), Screenshot (2) and Screenshot (4)

    In the previous post


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    Brian replied

    For screenshot 4 about the submenus, this is an automatic menu system that you cannot control. It automatically gets all subcategories and displays them in alphabetical order. That is how the theme was designed. If you want to change that, it would require custom theme modifications.