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Award and badges


  • Micke started the conversation

    My awards and badges are not working. Im trying to add them to my review so it shows up at the overview. But after ticking the awards and badges i want and pressing update all those marked awards and badges becomes unmarked and none of them shows up at my review post.

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    Brian replied

    Sounds like there is some sort of js or php error happening. We need to isolate the cause. First, make sure you are using the latest version of Explicit (check the update log to see). If so, then the next thing to try would be to completely disable all of your plugins, then re-download a new copy of the theme from ThemeForest and overwrite all of your current theme files on your server with a fresh copy and see if that fixes the issue. You won't lose any content or settings since those are stored in the database, but if you have made any changes directly to any of the theme code then you should make a backup of your current theme files so you don't lose your changes.