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bug in RTL version 2


  • the.12.th started the conversation

    when im doing zoom out .hero slider goes to the left side.


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    Brian replied

    Apparently the jquery plugin the theme uses for the slider doesn't support zooming very well. Can you please test our live demo and see if the same behavior happens? I want to know if it's a RTL issue or a master slider library issue.

  • the.12.th replied

    hi again

    i check it. live demo is ok .

    this problem is in RTL version .

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    Brian replied

    Which browsers have you noticed this on? And which devices?

  • the.12.th replied


    in opera, google chrom, microsoft Edge and opera desktop version

    problem in Galaxy s5, nexus 6p, iphone 6 and etc...

    There was a problem in all the devices.

     But, problem is worse in the desktop version

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    Brian replied

    Thank you for reporting this. I have not tested zooming into pages on this theme previously, so it sounds like there is some combination of issues with zooming, RTL, and the master slider jquery plugin used here. I will need to put in a ticket with the slider vendor about RTL issues.

  • the.12.th replied