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  • Nikolas started the conversation

    1. The “Overview box”/ Details. How can I make these into CATEGORIES. I see you have them set up in your steam theme. I want users to be able to click these details and have them redirected to other items in that categories

    2. The Positives/Negatives, these should be all color coded green and red with little plus and negative signs. Where can I edit this feature to include that.

    3.Documentation. Perhaps I was unsure of this but the other themes I have bought have come with documentation that explains each feature and how it works. THe documentation I found has only install

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    Brian replied

    1. Explicit runs on a different framework than Steam and does not use Custom Post Types or Taxonomies, so the details section can't link to categories the same way as Steam, unfortunately.

    2. Whenever you want to change the style of any part of the theme, use Chrome or Firefox+Firebug and right click on the area you want to change and choose Inspect Element. That will bring up a console that shows exactly which lines of CSS in exactly which files affect that element so that you can go in and change the style how you see fit.

    3. We made some really helpful screencasts that show exactly how to setup the theme. Please check them out here and let me know if you have any further questions after viewing them: http://www.industrialthemes.com/explicit/support/screencasts/

  • Nikolas replied

    1. How does one get the taxonomies/custom fields onto this theme. If not this theme is somewhat incomplete.

    3. The screencasts are extremelly limited. Im currently looking for documentation on how to build a page to look like the demo theme provided. There is not much on how to build a page, where to put certain things or how to use the functions

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    Brian replied

    You would need to add in custom post type and taxonomy support yourself if you wanted that in. This theme works on a framework that intentionally does not use those in favor of categories for various reasons.

    I'm sorry of the screencasts and documentation are not sufficient for you. What specific question do you have that is not answered there?