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  • jinsookim started the conversation

    I can not speak English

    I'm writing a translator.
    Understand me


    I want to change the sort order

    this theme is all up to date.


    Look at this page

    It's all LATEST REVIEWS.

    Only panels are different

    In the first post, you'll see an "urban ..." review.


    I want to change the order.

    For example

    The potholes panel is  the latest -> most view

    The start of the grid panel is not latest -> best reviewd



     i want change the color portholes.

    and i fixed css

    .porthole-layer {width:101%;height:100%;opacity: 0.5; 


    but 0.5-> mouse over -> contents color -> 0.9 again

    what's the problem?



    The editor rating is in the center of the image.

    And User ratings appear in the bottom right corner.

    Can I change two locations?

    Or is it possible for the user rating to appear in the center? 

    I want to display the user rating in the center like the editor rating.

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    Brian replied

    The ability to do this is not within the theme options and would require custom edits to the code within the theme files, which is outside the scope of free support (please read our support policy for further information: http://industrialthemes.ticksy.com/faq/743). If you have a question about the location of certain code within the theme, I would be glad to point you in the right direction of which theme file(s) contain that code. If you need to hire a developer to help you with theme customizations I recommend Envato Studio for great developers: http://studio.envato.com/?ref=IndustrialThemes.