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Problems with Latest News and widget


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    Here I’m again with some problems with my theme. This time I have 2 problems and 3 questions  about the Theme.


    1- All my post was normal, but when I posted my last review I went to look at my homepage and it was without any widget, they simply disappeared the only one that appears is the review widget. Another thing the Latest News it was strange and instead of being the normal square with the photo and summary of the post was All stretched and compressed as in the photo. New posts appear normal and the old posts appear squeezedHome page

    2- My hero slide does not auto-rotating, it locked in the same post and does not show others or when you click the arrow. In mine there is no $ interval = 9999


    1- In the Techwise demo when you click on the TAGs (icons) of the mega menu, for example in Tablets it’s opens a page TabletWise and shows all posts about tablet. How do I do that? Because in mine site when you click on the menu's icons it opens a A page with a subject tjat I do not want and does not show the all the posts about that specific tag. As my site is about news and reviewing boxes signatures it’s shows the list of companies that I listed in the directory(page that I listed all the companies)  instead of showing posts about boxes.

    2- I noticed that in the pictures of the demo post the photos have an effect when you hover the mouse over the photo, in my photos this only happens in the highlighted image, how do I put this effect in all the photos? Another thing about Photos, in Shortcodes & Typography shows a Carousel with photos, how do I make this carousel? Because do not have a place to attach file just have a Panel Content

    3- I did the manual update using Firezila, but I'm not sure it's worked, because Theme keeps showing Techwise 1.2 and version 4.8.1. When I use the ftp do not appear any error message so I am in doubt whether it updated or not.

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    Brian replied

    I believe I have helped you via email on these. Please continue to reply to the email chain if you need further help.

  • Carolina replied

    I still have problems with LOOP, and since day 12 I have been waiting for an answer and help to solve my problem, today is already day 18 and my site is still stopped. I did as you asked, I disabled all the plugins but the problem persisted. So I edited the post, but I could not do the second step it was to go into screen options and enable the Excerpt field because I did not find this. Did I go to the right place? I will send you a print of what appears in screen options, let me know if you need any more print.

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    Brian replied

    Did you reply to the email? If so I must have missed it - this is the first response I've had from you in 6 days. Please give me your admin wordpress login info so I can take a look and fix it, thanks!

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